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Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is News in Krabi?

On 3 May 2009 At Ao Ko Ngam , Krabi have Kayak Rally

" Amazing Kayak Rally Family Aoluk Krabi"

This Rally for promote Aoluk because Aoluk has variety of tourism destinations,such as cave, waterfall, national park, ancient mural painting, as well as marine tourist spots
The competitors will have to pass by the area of long range limestone mountains lying in the Andaman Sea, with the pre-historic mural paintings. They will also be impressed with the beauty of Ao Ko Ngam, which is the venue for Phang Nga Bay Regatta. In addition, this activity will enhance good relationships among the family members.

The application limits to 50 teams, with application fee of 2,500 bath/team. The applicants will get t-shirt, cap, lunch and dinner

For those who are interested, please contact Ampur Aoluk, Tel. : +66 (0) 7568 1892TAT Krabi Office, Tel. : +66 (0) 7562 2163or please download the application form at

thank you Tourism Thailand about information

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