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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Krabi International Rock Climbing 2009

Date : Apirl 17 - 19 2009
Place:Tonsai Beach and Poda Island, Krabi


(picture cradit
Krabi province in cooperation with Krabi Provincial Administration Organization, Krabi Tourist Association, TAT Krabi Office and Railay Rock Climbing Club, is going to co-organise "Krabi International Rock Climbing 2009". This event aims to publicize rock climbing activity in Krabi Province and to push rock climbing activity as annual tourism promotional event of the province. In addition,the image of Krabi will be projected as "Rock Climbing Destination", as it is renowned among the rock climbers that Krabi is a not-to-be-misses destination with its world renowned cliffs, beautiful nature and fully equipped facilities.
Krabi has world-class rock climbing sites, with more than 600 rock climbing routes. The rock climbers are able to select their own levels and challenges. Another outstanding point is that beautiful scenery of Krabi province can be viewed from the top of the cliffs,such as limestone mountains shaped like boot, junk ship and bird's head. as well as some islands like Koh Poda, Koh Tab, KohKai. etc.
The competition is divided into two categories, which are ;
1. Lead Climbing Marathon
2. Deep Water Soloing


(picture credit และสำนักข่าวเอพี )
Apart from rock climbing activity, threr are competitions on "Thailand Bouldering Asia Cup" and "Fire Contest". It is expected that Krabi International Rock Climbing will make the province know nationally and internationally and will stimulate tourism in the province to a certain level. Those who are interested to join the contest can check more information and apply at Krabi Tourist Association,
Tel. : +66 (0) 7562 3944
E-mail :
Website :
thank you: Tourism Thailand for information

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